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Commercial Landlord/Tenant Law

Have your commercial or residential tenants failed to meet the terms of your lease agreement? Or are you a commercial tenant facing eviction from your offices? Our landlord/tenant dispute attorneys can help you protect your property rights. We represent commercial and residential landlords and commercial tenants involved in landlord/tenant disputes.

Protect your rights, protect your investment. Call our law firm today for a consultation.

We offer a full-service business law practice. This means that we can help you with all of your legal issues related to - or unrelated to - your commercial landlord/tenant dispute. Most of our business clients become long-standing clients with us because of our focus on thorough preparation, hard work and dedicated client service.

Lease Disputes - Breach of Real Estate Contract

Our real estate lawyers assist clients with landlord/tenant disputes involving:

  • Evictions
  • Evictions, including constructive eviction
  • Nonpayment of rent
  • Breach of the lease or other real estate contract
  • Tenant holdovers
  • Judgments of possession
  • Failure to maintain the property in a habitable condition (maintenance disputes)
  • Failure to provide proper notice

For many landlords, a landlord/tenant dispute is a nuisance; we can take the legal responsibility off of your shoulders. For commercial tenants, a landlord/tenant dispute can threaten their businesses; through negotiations or in housing court, our landlord/tenant dispute attorneys can protect your rights and help you find solutions.

Evictions Attorney

Our law firm handles a wide range of real estate issues, including drafting leases and other real estate contracts to help avoid future landlord/tenant disputes. When disputes arise, we work quickly to find a positive resolution. For additional information about our real estate and landlord/tenant dispute practice, contact us online.

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