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Exploring Different Types of Yoga

The advantages of yoga exercise depend on the type of yoga practiced. Although most of the yoga exercises are safe but some are exhausting and may not be right for everyone. 

Yoga is generally a process of unification that exists in the human being including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual systems. 

The tradition of yoga is 500 years old. But now there are various modern practices of yoga which have been defined by various yoga trainers. The classes for yoga in Cicero NY helps in strengthening the balance of the human body.

There are following types of yoga:


It is a practice in which the spiritual trainer focuses on developing a state of dedication with the heart and the mind. Other common practices of bhakti yoga are meditation, chanting song and mantra repetition.

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It is responsible for feelings, thoughts, and actions. It is typically based on duties within the world. It is determined by the actions in the past and forced to take another life in the world to balance out the inequalities that we imposed within our spirit.


It is the type of yoga which is originated from the tantra yoga. It is the oldest form of spirituality. The practice of this form of yoga is to control the potential of energy.


Meaning of hatha is sun and moon. "Ha" represents yoga of activity and "tha" represents yoga of balance. It includes the element of purification with the many aspects of human being i.e. there is a purification of mental, physical, emotional and energetic bodies.

Other types of yoga include raja yoga and jnana yoga.