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Little Known Facts About Web Design

Website designing seems to be an easy task, but in reality, it is not. There are some undiscovered facts about web design. Here are some of those facts, as told by a popular website designer in New York.

All Website Look Different When Viewed on a monitor with a resolution Different

The higher the screen resolution, the smaller and sharper web design will look. As screen resolution gets lower, however, the same web design appears larger and grainier. It became less and less of a factor as high-resolution monitors are becoming more and more affordable.

Image Source: Google

But many users still access the Internet with a computer and monitor over the age of five years. For the users, modern web design will look less than optimal. For the sake of progress, most web designers choose to target the most popular screen resolution when preparing a site.

Font Appears Different in Different Computer

Windows and Macintosh computers make a different font. Additionally, the font is displayed on the web page can be dependent on the fonts installed on the user's computer. This is another reason web pages look different from one computer to the next.

Following Web Design and Optimization Guidelines Google is Vital to Online Success

At the time of this writing, Google commands about 88.8% of the global web search market. Every website owner who wants to become successful online needs to rank well in Google search results. The only way to do that is to comply with Google's way of doing things and adjusting your website content accordingly.