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Natural Methods to Pigeon Control

Natural procedures of pigeon control are faulty and they don't cause any physical injury to the pigeons. One very natural way of pigeon control is utilizing pigeon spike, it a really effective pigeon deterrent.

Although the pigeon spikes seem sharp and dangerous, they do not really hurt the pigeons. The pigeon spikes work as a block to avoid the pigeons from landing on particular areas in which the spikes are set up. Another benefit of pigeon spikes is that they're quite simple to install and considered one of the best methods of pigeon trapping.

Regularly cleaning the location where the pigeons are vulnerable to settle is a really natural way to keep pigeons away. Pigeons frequently love a location because people feed them.

The birds come back to the location where they get simple food. Consequently, if you quit feeding the pigeons, then they'd get frustrated to go back to same location.

Installing life size dummies of predators which fear pigeons is just another pure procedure to pigeon control. The existence of dummies of snakes, hawks, and crow would induce pigeons to find refuge elsewhere.

Sound hindrance is another very powerful all-natural method which assists in pigeon control. Various kinds of sound deterrents can be found on the marketplace which make sounds much like that of a gunshot, fire crackers, audio of a crow etc.. Pigeons dislike these noises and they're drawn away from this location.