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Long Island, NY – A Vacation Paradise

Long Island provides some of the very exciting and diverse vacation experiences possible, and also it is relatively economical and easy to reach.

Why see Long Island?

*World's greatest beaches

*Wineries and vineyards that rival those in France and California

*Spa and massage in a relaxing environment. Couples can get attractive Couple Massage Packages in Long Island in NY from Island Salt & Spa.

*Scenic agricultural landscapes

*Authentic marine communities

*Excellent sport fishing grounds

*Top golf courses


*First class restaurants and resort

Long Island is part of New York State and is situated just east of Manhattan and south of Connecticut.

On Long Island's south shore you will find Jones Beach, Fire Island, the Hamptons and Montauk Point. About the North Fork is our famous wineries and vineyards. Between the forks is scenic Shelter Island.

There are four items you do not wish to miss on your visit to Long Island. Obviously, you will not have the ability to see everything in 1 day so anticipate spending at least a day or 2 in every region.


With over 400 miles of shoreline Long Island shores are some of the very beautiful and comfy on Earth. The surf isn't too tough, the water temperature is comfier, the nice and is easy on your toes and the sun is just right to get a fantastic tan.

Fire Island

Fire Island is among the very tranquil, yet exciting areas on Long Island. The island is home to 17 or so exceptional beachfront communities that provide something for everybody. Nightlife, shopping, wilderness, camping, music, hiking, dining, art galleries, and beaches–You will find everything on Fire Island.