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Need Of Masonry Restoration In Glen Waverley

There are a number of visual symptoms that can be seen when the structure of bricks and stones requires restoration.

Restoring existing stone or brick structures can only require the replacement of several masonry units which have been damaged by the impact of accidental blunt force that requires grinding mortar around the damaged unit, removing the damaged unit and directing it back into place with matching mortars.

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Then there are times when a more serious restoration process needs to be carried out, when parts of the masonry structure begin to show discoloration, spilling the face of the brick (cracked and cracked), cracking the mortar and collapsing.

These are signs that the stone structure is surrounded by elements from the inside and the wall material begins to break down.

This type of damage is usually caused by moisture entering the structure of the brick or stone surface and trapped there. Then when freezing and thawing occur, the material expands and contracts at different rates, causing damage to all materials, bricks, and mortar.

The cause of damage like this needs to be stopped by finding a source of leaky moisture, whether it is a leak on the wall that is leaking or closing the wall etc.

After a water leak is found and stopped, there are a number of ways to approach repair or recovery depending on the level of damage. If the level of damage is large enough, several times you will be better served (saving costs and time) to replace the entire wall or structure.