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The Most Common Types Of Brain Injuries

Brain injury is a devastating injury that occurs every 15 seconds in the United States. Brain injury is the leading cause of death in people under the age of 45. The leading causes of brain injuries in motor vehicle accidents fall, violence and sports injuries.

If the injury is caused due to other people’s fault, you may file a lawsuit against the culprit. All you need is to hire the best head and brain injury lawyers in San Diego – James S. Iagmin.

The brain can be damaged in some way. To understand a head injury, it is useful to understand the different types of brain injuries that can occur:

Brain Injuries


A concussion can be defined as a sudden change in conscious states caused by trauma. People affected may lose consciousness for a while and maybe confused as follows. The brain can recover from a concussion but in certain circumstances, there may be residual damage.


When the head strikes a hard, immovable brain can be bruised. Bruising is the essential bruises that resulted in damage to, or destruction of brain tissue. They often occur in the frontal and temporal lobes.


A brain or intracranial bleed occurs when a blood vessel in the brain or bleeding from trauma inherent weaknesses in blood vessels. Bleeding may be small or large and symptoms according to the severity and location of the bleeding.


Infarction is the medical term for a stroke. A stroke occurs when an artery that supplies the brain becomes blocked, cutting off oxygen and nutrients to the brain. Speech, language and vision problems often occur after a stroke.