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Using the Internet Marketing Cafe

Twitter and Facebook are two of the most popular destinations on the Internet, with the average user spending more than half an hour per day on the site. So how can you, as the owner of the cafe, using this resource to your advantage? Search more about cafe shop supplies through

Using the Internet Marketing Cafe

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Twitter allows you to type 140-character messages, or tweets, that people can see them online. Other Twitter users can "follow" you and read what you tweet.

As a business owner, you can use this as a medium to broadcast information and news about your store to your customers. This is a good place to mention the specials, changes in hours or generally talk about your cafe and what makes it different from others!


A Facebook page can be set up in your cafe, allowing you to use it as an advertising billboard of your cafe. People can become "fans" of the cafe you on Facebook, which will allow you to send messages directly to them.

You can also see demographic information about your fans like age, gender and location can be useful with your other marketing materials.

It is more important than the information you post on your Facebook page interesting and relevant to your customers. People need a reason to read what you write, so be creative and honest.

Specialist websites and Forum

There are many specialized sites and forums for coffee lovers and cafes. You have to become a regular user of this site and forum to promote yourself as a person of interest. This does NOT mean that you jump into the forum and start blatantly advertises your store.