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Write Phone Applications With Web API Integration

Have you ever wanted to build a custom phone features, such as a patch-through or lead tracking application, but then give up because you do not know how to write a program that makes phone calls? Thanks to a new generation of web services, APIs for making and receiving phone calls, any web developer can integrate phone calls into their applications through api integration.

For example, let's say that you want to track how many people are calling you back from your message left on their answer machine. With just a bit of programming knowledge, you can provide a local phone number that forwards to your office line.

Every time someone calls the forwarding number, your application can enter the caller ID of the caller into the database, along with the time and date of the call. Then you will know where your calls came from call-backs and which from other sources.

Here's another example. Perhaps you run a data center, and you want to inform customers immediately if you ever have an outage. Sending email is not fast enough, especially on weekends when people are not at their desks.

Using one of these APIs, you can create applications that, when the monitoring software you detect a problem with your server, automatically call your client and play a message reminding them that you are working to fix the problem.

Appearance Let's look at one another. Perhaps you have a brilliant idea for a new kind of conference call where people can interact with each other by pressing a button on their keypad. In just a few simple commands, you can write a basic version of your application that the conference together and take different actions depending on which button they press on their keypad.